Crownline By GZ


We are proud and excited to Announce our new paint line,  and inventory management system to aid in higher quality, and more efficient products and services for our customers.  All will be implemented by the end of 2019.  Thanks for being a-part of Crownline a Family Owned and Operated Product Line.

Crownline Now Offers DewEze® Hydraulic wet kits for our Hay Bed Line. 5/15/19!


Crownline Warranty Card is Required to have warranty effective date 10/11/2018.


Crownline will be adding a second oven doubling production of beds in early 2020! We will be nearing one semi load of beds per day thanks to our customers. We will also be adding robotic welding to our fabrication line.

6/4/2020 Crownline By GZ has been successfully running parts with our Robotic welder. Despite, Covid-19 We have had zero cases at our facility and continued running with safety guidelines to build up inventory for Fall 2020. Thanks for your support checkout our facebook page for giveaways a few times throughout the year.

8/5/2020 Crownline By GZ has released replaceable hinges and fenders on all skirted beds. We are also proud to announce a CNC Lathe added to our operation this month.

11/10/2020 Crownline has been running two robot welders to bring you the best hay beds around. Crownline will be Releasing Bumper Pull Trailers in 2021.

1/10/2021 Crownline Has added a second laser in our manufacturing facility. We will be adding robotic welder number three in early 2021. We will be releasing Crownline Utility Trailers 7k LB load rating.

2/11/2021 New factory ground breaking

2/25/2021 Our Spike bed hinges have been upgraded allowing more surface area on the welds. We are pleased to announce we are running a CNC Milling machine bringing more parts in house to help keep costs down, and delivery times small. “Quality Built To Last” Crownline By GZ.

6/10/2021 We are Hiring welders, CNC operators, Forklift operators, and department supervisors. We have had record product sales 3 years in a row: thank you! Steel prices, and product shortages have made some supply chains challenging, however we are still at full production.

6/13/2022 We have Installed a New FIBER laser, Built a new manufacturing facility, and are about to release our new bed design just in time for 2023.

7/22/2022 Our Team has installed a new fender rolling machine, hoists for moving materials, and added a sealer for our powder coating.

1/1/2023 Released new Headache Rack. Gain access to backseat windows, and a larger rear view.

2/15/2023 New Energy efficient air compressor installed. New Band saw installed.

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